Soybean, yellow


Soybean, yellow in TCM:

Explore the properties of Soybean, yellow according to Chinese
Nutrition and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM):

Temperature: cool

Channels: LI, ST, SP

Flavors: sweet
Tonifies: qi, blood

Special Properties:
clears heat, eliminates toxins

In terms of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Yellow Soybeans are known for their ability to tonify qi and blood. They also help to clear heat and eliminate toxins from the body.

In general the ancient Chinese medical texts cite that they enter the Stomach, Spleen, and Large Intestine. Like all legumes listed in the beans category the flavor of Yellow Soybeans is sweet, and they are considered to be cool in temperature.

Editors Note: As of 2015 90% of all soybeans grown in the US were made from genetically modified GMO round-up-ready varieties. GMO soy may erase all of the health benefits traditionally associated with consuming soy since some studies show it to have 98% less vitamins and nutrients as well as toxic chemicals such as glyphosate. The editor advises the reader to consume and purchase only certified non-GMO soy varieties.

Traditionally non-GMO soy beans are considered to be very healthy in Chinese medicine. 100 grams of soybeans include 36.3g of highly nutritious animal like protein, 25.3g of carbohydrates, 18.4g of easily digestible non-saturated fats, 412 calories, 5g of fiber, 564mg calcium, 571 mg phosphorous, 11mg of iron, as well as small amounts of carotin, vitamin B2, and nicotinic acid. One pound of soybeans contains as much protein as 2 pounds of lean meat!

In Chinese medicine soybeans have long been known as an herb capable of healing many diseases including edema, common cold, skin sores, diarrhea, habitual constipation, iron-deficiency anemia, leg ulcers and complications of pregnancy (such as vomiting, atrophy of the liver, and renal failure). When the great herbalist Shen-Chen Li published his famous book An Outline of Materia Medica he recommended soybeans as an effective remedy for "kidney diseases, water retention, and poisoning". Chinese farmers also feed soybeans to cows to promote lactation, and humans may benefit by frying soybeans and then steaming them with turnips and fresh ginger to promote lactation.